Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Gossip Event Graffiti Competition

5th place

Graffiti Competition in Fasting Month!! really tired..was painted at Sunway 5th place from top 7..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Went to Singapore

VLT Crew - Golden Eyes

Full wall From left - The Kioue, Mile09, Slac Satu, VLT Crew
Was painted in Fasting Month..really hot sunny day, exhausted day.. painted with another 7 writers - The Kioue, Mile09, Violent (dari Malaysia). & Slac Satu, Vandal, Newa, Klaxon (dari Singapore). gonna miss LionCity

2nd Rantai Merdeka Arts Event

1st side
2nd side

Thanks to Spacemaggot coz invite me to join this arts event. Spraying on 3x3 plywood.

RHK Monster & 84Cube Monster

With Spacemaggot

I'm officially one of RHK (RealHardKore) crew based in Germany, 19 Ogos 2008, REAL HARD KORE!!!!


Characters Attack!

(From left - A80s, Baly, Skore, Snozze, Spacemaggot, Roids, The Kioue, Barbie, VLT Crew)