Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Proud to be Kelantanese..

Full Wall
Anokayer,Violent, Anokayer, VLT Crew
VLT Crew
The Violent
Kelantanese people should smellin our aerosol paint again..this production was painted by Anokayer & me, we decided to give something to our beloved Kelantan state...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stickers Book 2 by Stickers Award

Stickers book 2
The street stickers arts book by STICKERS AWARD. Stickers 2 is a collection of the most stunning contemporary sticker designs curated from around the world. The book presents 700 of the best ephemeral, subversive and humorous sticker motifs and urban applications by over 150 international artists who are expressing themselves through this versatile medium. Stickers 2 takes readers on a visual journey around the world through the world’s most exciting cities and rural areas across the USA, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe. Essays and contributions by artists and connoisseurs of the scene provide further insight into the background of this underground phenomenon.

VLT Crew also take apart in this book.