Tuesday, October 19, 2010

VLT Crew nominated for "Sticker Artist Of The Year"

VLT Crew was nominated for "Sticker Artist of The Year" presented by Bomit

Monday, October 18, 2010

VLT Crew/The Violent in 1st Artaq Award!

VLT Crew/The Violent was nominated for Artaq Award - 1st Street Art Awards
Artaq Awards Nominees

Artaq Awards

Every year Artaq identifies the most representative artists in the evolution of Urban Arts and contributes to their influence The objective is clearly to be the touchstone competition which every young artist dreams of winning. The selection level and voting criteria are in fact very high, with a jury comprising professionals (from institutions and galleries as well as collectors).

The ARTAQ competition will give out 6 awards (the ARTAQ AWARDS):

  • The award for the Artaq artist of the year
  • Awards by category – Graffiti - Painting - Collage / Sculpture / Digital Art / Photography / In Situ - Performance

The prize-winners will have their work displayed in several galleries in Europe – in Paris, Berlin, Brussels or Lyon from September 2010 to June 2011.(this article was copy from Artaq Awards website).

Aku, Snozze & Escape antara yg t'pilih drp dr Malaysia..


Monday, October 11, 2010

Meeting Of Characters vol: 3 is back!!

3rd year babeh!!
Collaboration with Moggot

Full-Wall M.O.C.3
The Violent
in progress
1st step, paint the wall!
M.O.C. 3 is back again..like usual we painting characters & characters..Big thanks to my organizer partner, Snozze

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Violent & VLT Crew Compilation

Blockbuster for ABSTRAX JINGGA by Anokayer, Medea & Violentcover up by local newspaper
left: Nanyang Siang Pau Daily right: Sin Chew Daily

Lettering sketches & old spray arts
Kota Bharu Spray Bombin' wit Anokayer & Stickers Bombin'
VLT Crew at Pantai Irama Bombin', Bachok, Kelantan
Anokayer & VLT Crew/Violent Black & White Concept:
Anokayer: Back to Basic VLT Crew/Violent: The World Will End